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Japanese castle for mappers

Guest once upon the time

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Guest once upon the time

To the mappers:

I know this is not C&C like which is definitely preferred by you.

If someone is interested in a modular set "Japanese Castle" can send me a PM. You don't have to make a castle, free design with some bycatch (had bought it for a map idea for some money).
Here are a few photos:





PS: If you are also interested in jets (but need to be edited), you can also contact me via PM.

Its for free i dont wanna cash , i dont need it.


Good bye your old SilentKnight.

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Guest once upon the time

@DaKuja Have fun ;)

btw, @HIHIHI   made a mutator with a rescaled Mig and a brandnew F15. I think when you are interessted that HiHi will give you all the information.

Both you can fly on Try-Outs Server, take a look its amazing and they really have a boost. I would try it on Paradise , enough space there and when Try-Out has the "Stanislav Version" of Paradise its the best optimized Version. Map self is from design like the original from Anubis (we never changed it).

When you get the vehicles to work , i would be happy only to see a short Video. In this case i am a little child. 😉

I have not installed Ren X anymore.

Again have fun and good luck.


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