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RenX Server hosting?


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  • Totem Arts Staff

I'm still surprised any hosting service offers something like that for RenX, but I would not recommend getting a gameserver like that. You would be better off renting a server directly and installing RenX yourself. Here is an example from NFOservers


For hosting servers, you'll want to look for CPUs that have good per-core performance (most likely 4.0+ GHz). I don't know specifically how good or which CPUs NFO uses, this is just a company I have used in the past. I believe FPI and CT both rent from OVH currently.

You will need Windows for RenX to be stable. And if you're wanting over 64 players on a single server, any server with above 64 players is automatically filtered out of the launcher. That means whenever there are 65 or more players, the server will not appear on the launcher. This is a non-issue if you are using it for a private event.

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64 players is already on the edge for performance and really more people than many maps are designed for (even if they can be fun for some people with too many players). 100 players would be way more; performance would be much worse, and even the largest maps would probably be overpopulated (except for CNC-Mount_Harbour, which would still be mostly empty : )   ).


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If you need a hand setting up the server Contra send me a PM and we can get you started with the basics / host etc... Just bare in mind that competition is pretty steep due to the small community it normally ends up being CT vs FPI which means the other servers barely get any attention.

give me a shout on Discord (tomujain) and i'll be happy to help you out. I do stress though that setting the player limit to 100 would (as ffreak said) cause a lot of lag and server related crashes - the game is simply not designed for that head count.

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Guest once upon the time



15 hours ago, HIHIHI said:

(except for CNC-Mount_Harbour, which would still be mostly empty : )   ).

Mount with 100 players would be fine, but if you want to play over 100 FPS and without lags. Not really (probably or fairly sure) not possible.
But would be interesting to see if there are all vehicle types on this map. Boats, tanks and jets. Imagine all this different fight areas.😎
I think UE3 would probably say goodbye (including servers).🙃
That would be worth seeing with 100 on Mount, you just should not put so high standards for UE 3.
Also think that 100 players for a server is too many for different reasons. 64 players is for the most maps to much.

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