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I want a weapons locker.. maybe.. ?


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Well, maybe  i do.    

What if we could store some side arms as we play, and then when the hand or barracks is down,   Basic infantry could use them to resist defeat?  

i.e.  a way to mitigate building loss but not too much.

Just another weird idea...   probly toooo weird.

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It's sort of like buying a coffee in advance and saying someone homeless can take it later. Some people stock pile tanks during the game also, although depending on the map I find this a bit annoying if they are easily stolen. In this case, I'd perhaps rather see the person who picked up the weapon transform into said character. Not sure what limit you might add to prevent abuse, it is a bit of a strange suggestion, I think more people would support when destroyed, no high tier infantry in order to progress. 

I made another suggestion somewhere that for every character purchase made the player should get an extra re-spawn as the same character before having to re-purchase it to give people better value for money and play longevity.

What about being able to revive fallen comrades or repair tank husks back to life?

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The most important units that comes out of barracks and hon are hottys and techs, no doubt about it.
All characters can shoot, only those two have the infantry mines, not to mention the repairs.

If it was one weapon i would like to have a backup of it would be the those mines ez pick, AT mines just isn't an efficient substitute even if it does trigger on infantry nowadays. Considering how versatile a rocket soldier otherwise is i dont think losing bar/hon is as dreadfully crippling as some make it out to be.
Giving an engineer any sort additional weaponry other than mines sounds like it could become OP though, would be more like multi classing in a D&D.
Maybe better if they did just become the stored character rather than taking its gun if so.

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