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Need candidates to test RenX performance


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On 11/6/2019 at 4:39 PM, roweboat said:

I've tested the new settings a few days, and saw no difference (admittedly my frame rate was already a solid 60fps even at 2160p)

These settings were more about eliminating the stutter at higher refresh rates >100 FPS, get the game run smoother.
Sorry for not mentioning that first.

The whole idea is about finding workarounds to get the game run smooth at higher refresh rates as there are some challenges caused by ue3 engine and certain limitations bound to CPU, server tickrate.

Think of looking at 2 different worlds playing <75 FPS and playing >100 FPS.

Just a short example, when playing at 144 FPS and experiencing a drop to 100 FPS has a completely different impact compared to when playing on 60 FPS, as it might be that you lose only few frames or none on the lower FPS rate.

So this situation ends up as being almost not noticable on lower FPS or does not have that high impact.

Whereas, when you lose >40 frames on higher refresh rate, you end up losing 1/3 of the frames which has a great impact and will cause stutter, frames hitching or similar.

According to some testers, who play on higher rerfresh rate, with the proposed changes the game feels smoother.

If so, the next part of my "testing the settings" will focus on increasing the FPS without losing too much on quality.
Buit let us finish this one first.

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5 hours ago, djlaptop said:

Early next month I'm building an absolute ridiculous machine using latest-gen Ryzen 3950x, 64gb ram, 6tb pcie-4 nvme raid0, 2080ti with 4 monitors, one of which will be 165Hz for gaming. Would be happy to give it a go.

Nice rig !

Please contact me on discord and I will send you the instructions what has to be changed.


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