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Regarding server crashes (we will beat this)


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Hey guys,

Lets not sugar coat this. A very spitful and narcissistic player has took it up on himself to attack the main RenX servers (hence the recent issues) lets be clear, this isn't clever and isn't justice. Any idiot can go around DDOSing small communities (inc myself and I know very little on networks) all it makes you is a bully. With that said, we have all been down this road before -- and survived (multiple times) however I, (like most of you all no doubt) am getting fed up of criss-crossing this same path.


FPI staff have been talking about the best ways to tackle this issue and will be in talks with CT and the devs as well.


So what are we doing? - We will be setting up several programs to help with the attacks (starting tomorrow) Let us be clear that this won't put a stop to the crashing, but it will slow it down. If that fails then I will be introducing another short term fix.

A mock server will be set up titled 'Server De-listed - contact XXXX on discord for server IP' you will then have to contact the XXXX where you will be put through a 3 - 5 min interview where we will do several checks (which I will not disclose) to ensure you are the real-deal, the IP will then be handed to you. Under NO circumstances are you allowed to hand out this IP, doing so (even if it is your best friend) would take us right back to square one, forcing us to remove the server and go through the interview process all over again.

This will put a direct stop to the attacks and give you all some room to play without fear of attacks (however) we are not ruling out that the IP will be found out eventually and will simply re-boot the server with a new IP every time we are found out. Annoying, yes but believe me it will be 100x more annoying to this guy.

In the meantime we are looking at a more solid approch to this issue. Several ideas have been put forward (which i can't disclose) and we are slowly working up a more solid permanent solution.


Bottom line is this: We are dealing a a scool yard builly, anyone can be a school yard bully. Anyone can pay a dodgy website to take down a vulnerable community. This guy will lose. It is not if, it is when - and when he loses we (as we always do) will come out stronger and better. I kindly ask that all players please bare with us (the server admins) and the devs while we ride out this wave.


Here is where it gets good though!

I've put aside £300 for several small prizes during this crisis. Starting from 2nd Aug 2019 every Saturday and Sunday I will be online and giving out prizes for players who can achive specific in game challenges.

Prize list(s)

  • £10 - £30 Amazon gift cards (will be brought in the currency of the winner, i.e dollars for Americans)
  • £10 - £30 Steam Gift cards
  • Several GOG games will also be offered as prizes

All winners, and full details will be posted here before we go live - I will also be in game and on discord (tomujain / Yumi) to answer any questions directly. FPI may also (though not set in stone yet) be getting a better server during the next few months. This means better performance and less lag for you guys. Goku has also been hard at work (so please send him your love) with his anti-DDOS program(s) 

Community promotion project

Starting 9th Aug I will be hosting a community promotion project. The rules are very simple; create a 3 - 5 min video promoting the game. It can be a trailer, a funny montage, a 'voice over comedy' -- anything your heart desires. The winner will be announced at the start of the next year (Jan) their video will also be used in a brand new advertising campaign that will be handled (as well as several of the other entries) by my marketing agent; keel over marketing

Can't make videos, or don't have time? No problem! I will also be running an image promotion contest as well. Posters, drawings or flashy art -- anything your heart desires.


  • £100 Amazon gift card (video contest)
  • £50 Amazon gift card (image contest)

All prizes and winners will be given / announced the following year in Jan.






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  • Totem Arts Staff

Thank you for your time and effort put into this. I love to see when the community comes together to overcome an obstacle; when everyone puts aside their differences and works together to surpass something that lies ahead, it really shows just how special this community and game is.

This game and community already would have been destroyed if those that put forth countermeasures and effort in years past had not been here. With enough effort and brainstorming, we can once again survive and become stronger than before. My thanks goes out to each and every player and persons with responsibilities (server owners, admins, mods, global mods, devs etc) in RenX.

Long live RenX!

GG for games past, and here's to many more. 🍻

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Hey guys,

Sorry for the late reply never really got the chance to explain how this works. To address the confusion I'll write up everything here to address any confusion.

Starting from the 3rd Aug around 9pm GMT each weekend I will be in spec mode as Yumi and awarding prizes  (see below) for players who are able to achieve in-game feats. How it works: The prizes will be talled up based on how well you perform in game, how well you work with your team and how commited you are to the role. I will be watching via Spec mode over the course of 60 mins of gameplay or 10 games (whichever comes first)  To enter you need to simply play for the full duration - leaving session will be classified as a forfeit.


How I award points - I will be watching from a birds eye view and marking down players who perform the best in the below groups. Points will be given for progress and removed for making mistakes.  This will all be done on my end so all you need to worry about is to play your very best, I will be able to see team chat from both sides as well ;)


Best Support - (£10 voucher)

  • Keeping tanks and units alive
  • Deploying anti-tank mines
  • Reaction time on field


Best Commander (£10 Voucher)

  • Rallying team
  • Leadership skills
  • Arranging tactical rushes and counters


Best Defence (£10 voucher)

  • Keeping base mined
  • Detecting sneakers
  • Saving buildings


Best Offence (£10 voucher)

  • Tactical takedowns (i.e. hotwires, tanks etc...)
  • Use of cover and units
  • The amount of times you are killed


  • How do I claim my reward if I win? - All winners will be announced after the session and you will be asked to contact tomujain directly on Discord for their prize.
  • Can I win in more than one area? - No, switching from (for example) best offence to a defence will deduct points and make it harder for you to win
  • How will I know when this starts? - I'll do a shoutout on discord RenX channel so you know the event has started.


As always guys, this is a bit of light hearted fun and not to be taken too seriously. I look forward to seeing you all in game, and if you have any questions feel free to approch me directly. I want to stress that this is my idea so please don't drag any of the FPI mods or admins into this as this wasn't their fault >.>




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Guest once upon the time

I hope the players will be able to understand your "ratings". I see the danger that even more displeasure can arise.

Questions could arise with certainty why player XY got a price.

But that's my personal opinion.

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