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FPS Issues/Query


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Just a quick issue to pick someones brain with.

Tried playing Renegade X on Field X, even staring at the floor inside a building yeilded roughly 30-40 FPS. I've a Ryzen 5 2600 and a GTX 1080 with up to date drivers etc. When gunfights start it can go as low as 25. However, loading the same map with bots and just as much AI pratting around firing at one another, can start from roughly 100 to never below 60 according to the stat_fps command. I've a 60Hz monitor so that's fine.

Anyone have any suggestions or come across something similar before with Nvidia GPUs, I used to have a AMD Raedon R9 390x that ran the game perfectly, since the newer, better card, Ren runs poorly.



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Hi Core,

to get more FPS, you will need to do following:
1) CPU stuff 
- OC your Ryzen to 4.2 GHz (need liquid cooling for this, otherwise 3.7 with standard heatsink)
- use process lasso to set udk.exe to run always with high CPU priority
- use process lasso to set udk.exe CPU affinity (disable Core 0 and Core 1 as most of other stuff will work on these 2 cores and you want udk.exe to run on other cores to get most speed) *[core 1 is a virtual core if you have SMT enbaled in BIOS, otherwise, just Core 0]

2.) Windows Stuff
- in Windows make sure you use high performance power plan

3.) Nvidia stuff
- Nvidia Settings make sure you always use 1080 as preffered GPU
- "Manage 3D Settings" -> "Program Settings" -> select UDK (Unreal Development Kit) and make changes as shown on screenshots (if you don't have Gsync monitor, just pick fixed refresh rate):




4.) UDK config Stuff
- there is a lot of things that require tweaking to get more FPS. If you are interested please PM me on Discord

With all these settings when the server is 40-45 players, most maps work well. 45-64 players, well that is another storry.


I hope this can help you get more FPS and enjoy the game.


Kind regards,


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Ah Dr.Schrott, there is a lot on here I'm going to try now, when you messaged me ingame I thought you were referring to the only post I thought I had gotten. I didn't even know for example my PC was not on high performance plan. This is a new build and I'm unfamiliar with Windows 10 xD


Thank you, I'll give these a go.



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