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We going to get a remake of the original renegade campaign?


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15 hours ago, Sarah. said:

No, we entirely lack the resources for that unfortunately. If our team consisted of more than 5 active developers, it might be considered.

This. If anybody ever really wants to see this added to the game and is willing to work on such a task themselves then I'm sure it'd be added, but no such person exists at the moment as far as I'm aware.

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I would love to see the campaign remastered.

Still i understand it requires such work to make the campaign, has  "HIHIHI" said above this thread, i gotta agree. Making the multiplayer i belive it took alot of work and effort for them.

I personaly loved how the multiplayer was remastered, and still today bringing new´s patches & new things its pretty impressive.


" It would be A LOT of work and time, which would honestly be more beneficial being used to improve multiplayer."- HIHIHI



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