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Banning players

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Is there a rule that if you votekick someone, you get banned? 
I started a vote against a player for making impossible sniper shots (between a wall and mammy, only clear line was in our base, which is not where the shot came from). Other players agreed, and the vote passed. I was told that if the vote passed, I would be banned (the player in the vote told me this). Well, the vote passed, and I got banned from the server (server reason: NO REASON). I can't cancel a vote already in progress, and I wasn't the only one voting.
This seems ridiculous, especially when the player in question had an impersonating player also doing the same thing.
My most humble apologies if I broke the rules by using an IN-GAME FEATURE that I can't even abuse, since it requires consensus. If that is really the case, I will not be back.

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You vote kicked me for no reason. It's that simple really. I was not hacking, and unless you can prove otherwise, do not votekick me from my own game.


ftp://FPIDemos:Sarah!<[email protected]:4587/MarathonDemos/CNC-Eyes-2019_04_12-23_53_08.demo

Here's the demo, feel free to review it and prove it.

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