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Project ReSound

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My first realized version of the project ReSound, changing the sound effects of weapons in the game.

At the moment, the Railgun is ready, the sound of which is now more close to that of the Tiberian Sun. Changed the sound of charging and firing weapons, but in the near future there will be additional changes in other types of weapons.
Special thanks to the HIHIHI user for helping to write the mutator code.

There is a version of the mutator for single-player and for installation on the server.


*Skirmish version


* Multiplayer Server version

Unzip the archive files in the game folder. To run the version with the modified sound you need to run DenServer.b

Thanks again to the HIHIHI user for writing the code for the mutator to work.

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Thank! In the next update, I will try to make the shot louder. For the basis for it, I took the same as Westwood for Tiberium Sun: railgun from the movie "The Eraser.

At the moment I started to work for the Volt Rifles, and for the rest, they will be decided as requests are received.

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Hello. And here is the new update.
-Used reverb sounds Railgun. It should be better now.
-Replaced the sounds of rifle shots, but there is no alternative shooting mode.
- Additional updates and improvements are very dependent on feedback, I welcome your comment.



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Good day. Another Project ReSound Update

* Reverb attenuation increased by 25%.

* Completely replaced the sounds of the main fire mode in order to bring it closer to the original.

The next update will add a new sound for the VoltAutoRifle alternate fire, however, further updates and exactly which sound effects need replacing depend on your opinion. Personally for me, I plan to replace all sounds in grenade launchers and rocket launchers, as well as EMR grenades.


Project ReSound v0,3 Skirmish Version.7z Project ReSound v 0,3 Server Version.zip

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