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Silo 1, Silo 2. or some such....


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Most of the time the spotting points do tell you Nod silo or GDI silo.

You only have problems when you actually spot the silo itself and not someone close to it.

As for naming it silo 1 or whatever how would you factor this in to other teams since how is the game meant to translate that to players (since that number could be different every other time you play that map), and giving it a number will be significantly more confusing for both new and old players of the game.

Plus silos are neutral (by default, there is a variant that is team locked but is definitely not viable on most maps)

As for audio cues you would need to create a whole lot of new audio for that and even if you stick to just (GDI/Nod) if they swapped team they would not match (since the announcer already says “GDI Tiberium silo under attack” etc)

Adding a label like North/South/East/West would be easier and simpler but you would need to be able to alter the label in each silo which if I recall is currently not available (but not impossible)

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