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[Mod] Drivable gunboat


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Just tried a boat. I have to admit, even though this is not purely your work, but the performance is impressive. For the map Outpost or Islands it will be the most. From the comments I can say that the ship is moving along the ground, as well as the impossibility to leave the ship after it has entered it.

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Guest once upon the time

Den ,

You know, the captain always leaves last😂

I was testing very short, but my first impression is has a lot of potential.


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HaHa. Thanks all for the response! This is a very early version, and there are several things to be fixed. So far I know these:

1. It can still go on the ground.

2. It is very hard to get out of. Sometimes you can get out if it is on the ground (which shouldn't happen), but it's kind of difficult.

3. The muzzle flashes for both MGs occur at the missile turret. : )

4. The bullets for the right MG come from the left MG. : )

5. The sounds are broadcast all over the map - they aren't localized.

6. The collision at the front is too large.

I'm sure there are other things, too. : )

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