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Passenger turret control mutator help


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So, I am thinking of writing a mutator that will allow vehicle drivers to hand over control of the turret to a passenger in the second seat, as I think this could make for more fluid tank battles.

I am thinking that the way to go about this would be to have a state to be in when the driver is in control and a state to be in when the passenger is in control (Or maybe just a bool and an IF statement?), switching between them at the driver's discretion. Then in whatever state the vehicle is in, it will call the function/functions required for turning the turret and firing the weapon for the proper player. Each seat would have a weapon of the same class, but the occupant would only be able to control it when the state (or bool) is right.

Basically what I need to know (I think) is this: what function/functions are used to control weapon firing and turret rotation? Or at least, which class are they in? I've looked around, but I'm really not sure which functions are doing these things, especially turret rotation. I have a feeling it's GetWeaponAimWithOptionalPredefinedAimPoint(UTVehicleWeapon VWeapon, vector AimPoint), in Rx_Vehicle, but I'm not sure.



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