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HMRLS yaw lock request


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Just a quick feature request.

Problem: When driving a Hover MRLS, the body of the vehicle will turn when you aim the turret to the side. This makes it hard to move and shoot at the same time, especially if you want to move quickly.

Negative impact: For me at least, and probably for many other players, a vehicle fight is more fun when one's driving and shooting are both uninterrupted. Challenging, perhaps, but not awkward. The aforementioned property of the HMRLS to turn while aiming interrupts the fluidity of one's actions. For me, at least, this makes it a little less fun than it would be if this could be controlled. (Although it's still really fun.)

Proposed solution: Add the ability to momentarily lock the yaw of the HMRLS with the Control key, as is already possible with the Orca and Apache. I liked this on the Orca and Apache, and I'm sure I would like it on the HMRLS too.

Thanks for your time,


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Totally reconfigured to conform to BubbleTea's suggestion tutorial.
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I got a HMRLS on storm and trying to dodge stuff with that thing sets it all over the shop, bouncing around like its an air hockey puck.

I think if the MRLS and tuck itself away and fire above and around stuff, its more advanced counterpart should be able to aswell.

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