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Like, who is the most poor? anyone with a very low or zero score would assume.
If I notice a new player joining and I know that player is good I always give him/HER credits if I can spare it, its a good investment.
When I join an ongoing match I tend to get a juicy donation out of nowhere, sharing is caring❤️

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4 hours ago, Madkill40 said:

Just going to CnP this from previous thread regarding Bounty.

An 'Quick donate' option would be nice. "/d <name> <amount>" or hold Q on a friendly player for 2 seconds so the console opens up with "/donate <name>" already filled out.



1 hour ago, Goku said:

Or maybe a shift q or something like that?

sound good to me ..made me Brainstorming a bit on it ...What if : on the right team list ingame we could see a teamate nick flasing when requesting credit and if could find a way to click on any nick on that list to Donate ,chat.. etc

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