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Odd Glitch/Bug on Snow-X?


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It would make more sense to put this in the bug thread but I get the feeling I am LITERALLY the only one who is getting it.

I have a screenshot but the nature of this oddity renders screenshots basically obselete.

I get this sort of horrendous rubber banding lag just outside the big center bunker, on the dirt out the front, if I walk or run I am constantly jolted back.

In one little spot just a meter away from the rocks I couldnt move at all. I was stuck.

Its as if there are multiple colliding meshes or something like that, thing is that I stood by and watched other players drift over it like there was no bug to be found. Sp00ky.

I kept moaning about it in chat but I must have looked like some sort of alien cos no one had a clue what I was talking about. As usual.

I have a low ping. Never exceeds 70, usually hovers around 40 or so.

I will post the screenshot when I have access to it. Thx.

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