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The Renegade X installer doesn't install


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Hi. The Renegade X installer offered from the Downloads page of the Renegade X website doesn't install the game. It only creates empty folders for Binaries, Engine, Launcher, and UDKGame. No files are in the game's main directory or in those sub-folders.


Also, when I tried to log into my account on the forums to create this thread, I found that my old account didn't exist - either the username or the email address used. So, I created a new account with the same username and email address that I had on here previously. Do you delete inactive accounts after a certain amount of time or something?

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You're right. It doesn't install any files into the main game folder and sub-folders, but it installs the launcher. Maybe that gets placed in AppData. Running the launcher downloads the game's files.


Regarding the account, I used to have an account with, I'm about 100% certain (since this is about the only name and email I use everywhere on the internet), this name and email address, and neither existed when I tried to log in today, so I created a new account with the same details. I hadn't logged in for ages.


Well, looking forward to having the game up and running again soon.

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