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A thought... global map of the conflict. GDI vs Nod


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I suppose this thought is a bit out there and probably unlikely, but.....

Would it be fun to have a simple ' Global like' map which moves back and forth between GDI and Nod, depending on who wins the battles played that day?     Of course it would be of no consequence to anything.    It would just be a fun way to remind players of the essential balance in the game.     Although i would imagine every once in a while it might get close to one side or the other winning all.... only to have the map reset.  

Would it work better on a server basis rather than to represent all servers?

Might be fun enough to cross over into the game.    If GDI gets close to wining all the land, the players in the game might get a kick out of pushing it all the way.  Or it could be included in the pregame map choosing.  


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