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Party? 11/19 >looks for streamers


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Indeed, and the Unreal Development Kit (a.k.a. Ren-X Engine) was born on November, 2009.

Limsup said.

If this is true, then are we planning a party?    Seems logical to me.   A decade of gaming fun and progress forward!

OR.....  What do we celebrate?    I think the game culture that exists around Renx is awesome and worthy of recognition.

Maybe we celebrate the day that EA gave permissions?      that should be a sacred day for the game.

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First reaction to the idea of a party FOR EA is to recoil in terror....

...But then....


Maybe it would be a weird perverse kind of thing to do.     To be thankful fans of a much hated company...


No. my idea was to celebrate the fans and development crew that keep this game alive and growing.


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