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Faceebook or WhatsApp Group


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Hello and Good morning,

Been playing for some weeks and I have seen the mostly players are for EU, and play in specific hours. 
Since I saw a recent post about the servers being empty most of the time, I am thinking of a way to solve it. 
What do you people think of the idea of either have a Facebook group (Maybe less efficient) or a WhatsApp group. That way it would be easier to call people out to play.

Facebook Group Created: https://www.facebook.com/groups/397014484029671

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I doubt that people will give away their mobile # here. You may have better chances with a facebook group or try to establish a Discord group / chat / channel (whatever they call it, I'm a Discrod noob xD but it's the latest funky shit* kids use today ;))

* I might be out-of-date here already, no clue :)

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I mean, afaik we already have a facebook group somewhere (which is dead?) and you can just use CTs discord. I wouldn't use Facebook for such things anymore.


Discord can be used for chat and voice messaging. You can hang out with friends or ask others to join on RenX.

That aside, I would ask you to call the Facebook group "Renegade X Meetup Group" instead of "Renegade X", cause it's not really an official group so we avoid confusion there. 

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