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[Level] CNC-Horologue


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  • Totem Arts Staff




Official Renegade X Map from UT3 days.

This map will bring back memories from the Original Horologue AND Hourglass map.




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Added to testing server

Here;s my feedback:

I absolutely like the map very much! It's a simple map with a good atmosphere. Keep up this good work!


In general, the shadows are jumping around a bit. Try to set this value and see if that looks better.

http://prntscr.com/cngdc7 and http://prntscr.com/cngn06 The color of the trees don't always match up so nicely with the surroundings.. maybe you can tweak the colors a bit? It seems like they're way to green. (all of them)

http://prntscr.com/cngfli Please tile the diffuse texture a bit more here, when you get up close the details are lost and the rocks look messy.. you want to play round with this value a bit.

http://prntscr.com/cngesa I think you should break the repetition a bit here by maybe adding a decal or something? or a bush /leaves growing on it

http://prntscr.com/cngh4k The landscape texture looks a bit tiled.. maybe you can add a new layer with a rotator applied to it in the landscape material. This way you can re-use the texture, maybe even rescale it and rotate it. This'll break up the repetition.

http://prntscr.com/cngjjq I would suggest to break up the decals a bit more here, you can clearly see they're repetitive. 

http://prntscr.com/cngk9a The green pointlight @ the tib fields outshine, reduce the radius of the pointlight here (and if you're not satisfied with the ground color then place some more with a smaller radius)

http://prntscr.com/cnglje and http://prntscr.com/cngo3k These piece of landscape seriously needs smoothing. Make sure you turn off detail smooth because it'll do more harm than good in this case

http://prntscr.com/cngom1 (Suggestion) Maybe place several pointlights with a smaller radius (256 or so) with low brightness to fix some of the low-light areas, they seem a bit unnatural now. Normally you would have more scattered light through out a scene, because light bounces off of surfaces. Alternatively you could set a higher number in the amount of light bounces in the world properties


Good luck finishing it, looking forward to playing this with 40 people, looks really promising!

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Thanks for the feedback. I have to say: that is  very very very helpful feedback (I'm serious, No sarcasm)

It will be a fun map when it's more improved!


New version will include a mutator so it will be possible to play as GDI or Nod Engineer in his alternative skin

Edited by ThommyK0104
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Ok so here's my feedback for the second edit:

Very nice job overall! I really like the looks of this level. Well done @ the feedback and working it out. I have no more comments other than some cosmetic tips (you choose whether you do something with it)

  • The rock here and here has some sand on it I guess? the color is a bit gold-ish, not sure if it's supposed to be like that.. you might want to change this to be a bit more like the environment.
  • The landscape here and here are perfectly flat. I'd suggest you make a small indent where the roads are, to give the illusion of natural erosion that occured when many tanks have driven there. Right now it looks like it's almost finished to me.
  • The landscape near (all) rocks ends almost in a 90* angle in comparison to the landscape. I think it'd look better if you made a slight angle to the landscape here that goes up to the rocks so the transition from landscape to rock is smoother. Example here.
  • I'd personally also add barbed wire here to give the illusion that also infantry can NOT go this way.
  • Very nice waterfall, I'm very fond of it. To make it even better I'd personally add vector paint-wetness to it. For examples I'd check beachhead.
  • For the GDI base, it's mostly the same as for the Nod base, here's the overview
  • As a last thing, the colors of the bunkers are mismatching a bit, not sure if this is intended

I don't know if you want to make the last changes to Horologe or if you want to keep it this way. I could add it to the servers as it is right now if you like to test out the gameplay.

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I like the look and overall atmosphere of the map (at least from what I can see on the screenshots). It almost feels a bit Tiberian-Sunny. One can really see how you have improved your mapping skills, Thommy!

Good job, keep it up and make use of some of Ruud's input and you're almost there.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Alright here we go @ThommyK0104 !

Altough you didn't mention it in the changelist you finally fixed the GDI Harvester path in 2.1.0 :)

unfixed stuff:

rocks behind Nod Ref need collisions

this rock still needs fixing... you can also glitch a nuke into it :o - the other rock (APC) is blocked. you can climb it and walk along the collision, but you cant glitch a nuke into it :)

glitched nuke spot.. you need to be on top of the rock :o

I know where you stand... Silent in the trees.... You cant climg the rock via the log, you'll need at least a buggy to climb up

Vehicles get stuck a lot at this rock @ GDI base entrance (especially after jumping down the tunnel exit/entrance B|) - but leave & re-enter the vehicle usually works

floating grass @ INF path

Rock behind GDI Ref (see stank above)

you can climb the containers by stacking some vehicles...

behind GDI Bar (Bunker got fixed though)

still no collisions @ hill cascades (both sides)

there is a vehicle collision right in front of the Humvee next to that wall @ base entrance - this collision is on each side (Nod & GDI base -> 4x collisions)

climbing the containers works in GDI base too <3

hologramms in tunnels and near Silo are hardly visible - maybe pick another colour?

Hope this is it... (if not... I'm sure Try-Out will remind me)



*** Special thanks to: Try-Out & InSoMnIa ***

Edited by DarkSn4ke
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any fraction controlling the hill could easily place a sniper on the log rock next to the cascade - if that is any kind of advantage? guess not (really) as the spot is too obvious. But I'm no sniper :P

But the Refinery rock needs fixing. Yes you need a vehicle but 1 SBH on top of a stank can easily do the job, the stank doesnt have to climb up. And I guess we all agree about the glitching nuke spot on top of the rock.

We usually test & report all the stuff that is not clearly intended by map design. But maybe some spots are intended and the mappers just don't want to tell us about 'em :D


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screenshots from Try-Out:

0c77369da39e4b9da8794e3fc40db78a.png Snipers could get on top of strip using a buggy as ladder






glitched nuke inside the rock behind GDI Ref (right side)

though it's quite close to the Refinery... it didnt deal damage :o




My own screenshots:


9de133939d57407bac0a2948092ab914.png did this alone, I guess 2 stankz are sufficient to jump over the wall collision. I know... this is pretty hypothetical... but it's possible :/ so some players might want to use it (altough its no lonely-wolf issue..)

Hope that's it! :)



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Dear @ThommyK0104,

congratulations for finishing Horologe,

we couldn't find any more bugs / glitches / whatsoever.

Just a few more remarks:

- Try-Out checked the latest (hopefully final version) for FPS drops. While he was behind the containers (both sides) looking into the direction of the CommCentre he suffered slight FPS drops.

- With Nod once dominating the hilltop GDI might have a hard time to re-conquer it as: flamers / arties can easily control the top & if meds push up flamers just push down. Due to the rise of the hill most Nod vehicles will block almost any GDI vehicle (same vice versa).

Just for fun we tried to jump across the fixed collision... this is the result:


With Horologe finished you might have time to give City another try :D

Maybe start from the scratch? ;) Nah, we know you're also busy with TY / HL.


Sn4ke & T.O.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

@DarkSn4keGlad to hear there aren't any bugs anymore! :)

I do not know what the FPS-drop could cause. Think it's maybe too much foliage but it can also be sonmething else......

That's why I chose to add a side-path to the map so GDI could Gunner rush or something else.

I don't think people would do that in a real match :P

Working first on Training Yard and Headlands, then moving on to City and do for the People who want it: CNC-River....

Will probably done with this at end 2016 / Mid-January 2017. Then I'm thinking of recording a 'making of series'  (!!ONLY IF I GOT A MIC!! or it will be boring) of a new map, how Kenz did it back in the day but I won't be a tutorial map :P And not another Re-Make, because I'm tired of that and I want to make my own content....

Edited by ThommyK0104
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2 hours ago, ThommyK0104 said:

and do for the People who want it: CNC-River....

River is an interesting map, but the current version is well... plain.

With your growing experience as mapper the next River approach will definitely look better :)

same problem with City: it's too plain / too linear.


and NO! people do build vehicle ramps.... erm on PUG warmupsxD

nah we just wanted to test the blocking collision height.

We could rebuild the ramp with some Mammys at the side for extra stability & height, but that would have been even more goofing :D

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  • Totem Arts Staff
15 hours ago, Madkill40 said:

That just seems really impractical for the tank to be honest, if any enemy infantry are coming through they're just kill the tank with ease.

This can happen nearly on every Map with this Tank, i dosn't make sense the change the Maps because of this one Tank "issue"?

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  • Totem Arts Staff
14 minutes ago, DarkSn4ke said:

@TK0104 it's fine ;)

it's a tank related problem... and not a big one. the chance to get a TickTank is not that high that it would be worth fixing.


I know it's fine, wasn't planning on fixing that because tick tanks on this map......won't happen that much :P


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