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No sound if sounddevice switches


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When you start the game with plugged in USB-headphones and unplug them while the game is running, it wont change the sounddevice (it should use standard plugged in speakers) so you end up with no sound. Even if you reconnect the USB-headphones to the same USB port again, it won´t use them. You have to quit and restart the application to make it work with the "new" sounddevice.

Solution might be to establish an ingame option to change the sounddevice or somehow dynamically get the standard sound device from the OS config. 

I know it´s a minor "bug" but maybe it´s easy to fix. 


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Better (real) fix:

  1. Create a virtual sound device (i.e. virtual audio cable)
  2. Make that one the system-default.
  3. Configure this virtual sound device to loopback on your headphones.

now you can plug and unplug as you wish and will never loose your system-default device thats been locked by games and so on.

, cheers

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