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Can we talk about the advertisment of ren x?


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hey guys, can we do something together as users, to publish this marvelous remake ? i mean i know there are lots of mods but this is the most beautiful i seen. 

in the glory days of C&C, there were milions players all over the world but now when i look for a full server, only one out of 8 is allmost full. 


it's fun, innovative , open to all users or developers and artists, i mean this is the best we can ask for.

you can play it, mod it, even join the main developers team ( right?) and help in the project.

it's amazing game, i think we should at least talk and think how to publish it to details.  if there are any persons with strong hardware and spare time, opening up youtube channel and uploading videos will be great. if you need any video editing assistance im sure we can arrange help. just lets really talk about it?  


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  • Totem Arts Staff
54 minutes ago, LavaDr4gon said:

Someone could at least make update videos to show the progress Renegade X has made.  Building armor, veterancy, Kevlar/flak armor, and other changes made Ren X dramatically different compared to what it was at the start.


agree with you, the funcionality became better.  it has to be shown in public. 


and about what you said you are half right, becuase it is beta we should increase the amount of users for better  and more feedbacks, and if not in "real" advertise then it will be between friends, at the mall, street, i would say soical networks but i don't know it could draw the attention of EA too early.  of course if we publish it somehow we should claim it as totem arts distribution, with no relations to renegade (something like that i don't really understand the rights issue). 


anyway i think we can start burning some cd's with the game for first and put in in parks or something.

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