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When new players start this game, they are being thrown into the cold water. (not even the old loading screen with the basic concept is there anymore) So, more often than not, they dont even know basic principles of the game. To avoid them giving up on the game, as there is no help at all (at least accessible from ingame) maybe something could be done...

As I understand that a video/playthrough tutorial is kind of hard to do, why not have the former loading screen (or a updated one which explains the basic principle) and all the loading screen hints available from a new menu item in the main menu?


P.s.: on a sidenote: Maybe consider revising the loading screen hints as well: For example the one which says to mine the base entrances is kind of wrong and might have lead to a lot of overminers...

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Yes, I think a video tutorial like this in the game itself would be a sufficient and relatively easy way to introduce people to the game. :)

It just has to be updated to the latest state of the game and the base mining has to be added.

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The wiki, being a collection of tips and miscellaneous info about game subjects, is not really fit to be a beginner's guide.

I also doubt that new players would start reading all the gameplay articles in the wiki before playing (unless they are avid readers). At least, I expect them to head towards Guides and Tips article first if they do.

I do have plans to write a basic guide for new players though.


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There are sooo many new folks, that last pug game there were 2 full servers! That is allot of interest. *promise I'll stop adverting on Twitter for a bit! :O)

Can we use one of the servers & turn off base defenses,then run drills to the players? That way they see the damage done or NOT done by different tactics. My hope is one day Hotties/Techies have to become certified by servers to even gain that character.

Too many folks expect clan like coordination from folks that are there to see how this new (new to them) game works. If they stick around,yes they'll pick up ideas of play but to provide simple,NOT written in stone,instructions will get them coming back.

Who knows,one day there may very well be enough players once again to form clans :O) Hope springs eternal & all that :O)

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Problem is that we would need to first map out the whole tutorial before even thinking of designing assets and levels. That would be a waste of time if you don't need them. I'll start a topic on this soon with a first start and a rough schedule. 

Need to fine tune a lot because there is a shit tonne of matinee involved in forcing players to do certain stuff. Doable but first need to determine what they should do (and in what order) before jumping into technical aspects of the designing stuffs. 

Since everyone had an opinion regarding this subject I think it would be wise to at least take 2 months to create the schedule first. 

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