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question about edditing scripts


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  • Totem Arts Staff

lately i developed interest at edit the script of the udk, so i downloaded the sdk and the udk, i wondered if would it be ok if i try to edit the scripts and launched the game (renegade x) to see the changes and to learn about scripting. would it be a problem?

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You can change scripts all you want in the SDK, but don't expect to be able to join any 'normal' servers. You will get a mismatch.

As Ryz said, make sure you have a normal and a modified copy of RenX so you don't get in trouble later on.

If you are using this for learning UnrealEngine scripting in general, I would suggest looking at UnrealEngine 4 instead as RenX is Ue3 based. If you're just curious about RenX, feel free to check out the SDK

For any legal stuff regarding the code (Copying, publishing) you should ask another dev as I don't know the answer :P I you keep it private, I think it shouldn't be a problem.

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