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New Surrender Mechanic


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Rather than just having a quick painless surrender can we have a new mechanic implemented.

When a team surrenders the game keeps going... now bear with me... 10 seconds after surrendering a nuke drops on a random undestroyed structure of the surrendering team, 10 seconds later, same again, and again, until their entire base is levelled and the round is over.

Or if you're so impatient, have an ion cannon attack every structure of the surrendering team at the same time.

Why end with a whisper when you can go out with a bang?

Stealth nukes and mass ion assaults... what's not to love.

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But what is the point planting and defending nuke and ion beacons then? Strickly speaking of course. I think it would be enough if we could see the surrendering team putting down weapons with hands above their head. :)

I like

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