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OG Ren Maps?

MPF PwnCall

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Would anyone be interested in having all of the original renegade maps and maybe some fan maps created?

What it would be would be all of the Ren X units and structures plopped into the old shitty renegade OG maps with all their shitty basic textures and things. Kind of like a tribute to the original?

I was thinking of making one map like this just for shits to see what it would be like.

Also I will be remaking many of my fan maps that I made for the original renegade. Will post pics when I get further along.

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  • Totem Arts Staff
I'll try making one and see how easy it is/ if it is anything worth doing.

If it is maybe I'll try and make all the stock maps again.

You can easily do this by importing them in 3ds Max and export them to w3d

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