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Unexpected Framerates


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I've played renx on almost every release since beta 4, and some of the older betas infrequently, and I have noticed that my framerate changes in seemingly each and every new patch, usually unexpectedly. In the start of beta 4 i always had ~~60fps no matter what at full settings excepting whiteout, that's its own ball park and i never fully tested it to be accurate. As beta 4 progressed i stopped worrying about framerate because i figured id always have 60ish fps except in the odd map until it was fully optimised. That all changed in beta 5 where my framerates tanked. For a while I just turned off dynamic lights and shadows and just delt with the 35-55 fps that came, I started to doubt if I ever had 60fps in beta 4, but one of my friends told me he was with me during the first weeks of my, new at the time, gaming laptop and renx was very smooth almost all the time, i think he was very jealous with his intel hd laptop.

Of course the whole point of this post is coming I promise. And so salvation came, or at least that's what it felt like, suddenly my frame rates were going up in each patch and pretty soon i could play renx back at full detail and framerates that hover around 55-75 fps, i have a 75hz monitor, and the lowest it would go was 30ish fps in intense veh fights on very detailed maps.

So problem solved right? Well I had hoped so, when beta 5.13, might have been 5.14, my framerates took a huge dip again(20-45 fps ,8fps as lowest). So some fiddling around and I noticed that dynamic lights wasn't my huge frame drop anymore, instead it was dynamic shadows? Further testing found that I was no longer cpu bound, I could lower my cpu clock quite a bit without more than a few frames difference, in fact I could now lower it to reduce my gpu underclocking due to heat and push out a few more frames at certain clockrates.

I decided I would try something odd that I had not messed with since the first beta 5, I put the game in windowed mode, and then bam 60-128 fps, I also had turned off frame rate smoothing, and this is at full settings except msaa, occlusion, and motion puke, I mean blur...

TLDR: The game runs faster in windowed mode by a lot, feels strange that this would be the case.

I was wondering if anyone else has had similar strangeness. If so do you recommend I do anything different?

Btw for the most part i stick with forcing fullscreen at 1280x720 and the windowed size is the same, in Beta 4 i would always play at my monitors 1440x900.

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