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Base defenses kill through closed doors


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Just noticed this when I was a tech inside the GDI ref in Eyes. If you've made it into the ref, even with the door shut, the guard tower (the little one that sits between the WF and the Ref at the back entrance) still shoots you (and kills you) through the closed doors of the ref when you're approaching the MCT.

Turrets do this too. You can verify on Goldrush by stepping into the HON and moving a little to the obelisk side of the back door (the one facing PP), but far away enough to allow it to close.

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Base defenses only target you when A) you're in range and B) you're not behind an obstacle.

Doors seem to be some sort of special-case obstacle to facilitate both an open and closed state, but base defenses ignore the state of the door and will fire at you regardless. Furthermore, their projectiles are able to penetrate closed doors, it's not just splash damage.

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