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Chem troopers OP?


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Early game chem rushes can be hard to counter and 2-3 chem troopers can take out a building in SECONDS because they have such high DPS on the MCT.

I mean you get 5 guys who arent even working together but all happen to go chem trooper, all happen to go attack and follow the first guy into the same building. Maybe a couple of them die on the way but the rest can take out that building even while being shot at.

One game on Volcano me and one other chem trooper got into the GDI Power Plant and took it out before out timed C4 blew up even. Don't try and tell me GDI should have defended better we just tanked the damage from several guys as we ran in and started shooting at that MCT.

I felt bad about it, was just too easy.

Seriously though, fucking Volcano Chem troopers early game can wreck GDI's economy so easily and there's almost nothing GDI can do about it. You can just hide in the corner of the tiberium field and destroy GDI's harvester 3 times before you even need to think about getting more ammo.

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Even flame troopers have strong damage against the MCT, I remember one game on Walls where five of us flame troopers took out WF, Ref and PP in the initial rush which was an instant gg.

I agree that a chem rush is difficult to stop on Volcano, since the area between the GDI PP and tiberium field is very open and thus you can't setup an effective chokepoint. Shotguns don't work very well against chem either since both are CQC weapons, and if you commit too many infantry to PP you might lose WF/Ref to a smaller group of engi/flame/chem.

But that's just part of Nod's early game and infantry advantage though, which becomes very apparent on no defence maps. I'm not sure how to balance this though, given GDI's supposed late game vehicle advantage.

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Officers crush chems.

And about any other infantry.

Offtopic but: did I notice correctly yesterday that a Chem spy does no or reduced damage an enemy chem trooper? Because that's a pretty cool detail.

Chems are immune to other chems, and flame troopers are immune to flame tanks and maybe each other too.

And yeah, Officers OP, not chems. Just point and click in a general direction and everything gets wiped out.

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