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Team Powerups!


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With the extras menu now empty a new opportunity presents itself for purchase:

Team powerups!

Team powerups are available to purchase for the low low price of 100 Credits. For every 'purchase' 100 is added to the global tally and when the required amount is reached the power-up is activated. Every powerup has a 30 second delay before activation and a 60 second cooldown before it can be purchased again after activation.

Sabotage Barracks/HON - 5000 credits

The enemy team are unable to purchase advanced infantry units for 30 seconds.

Sabotage Weapons Factory/Airstrip - 5000 credits

The enemy are unable to purchase vehicles for 30 seconds.

Sabotage Powerplant - 7500 credits

The enemy base is powered down for 30 seconds (increased unit cost and no base defense).

Iron Curtain (Nod ONLY) - 10000 credits

All Nod units and structures have their maximum armour doubled for 60 seconds.

Chronowarp (GDI ONLY) - 10000 credits

Any GDI infantry killed while the Chronowarp is activate respawn at base for free as their current class and buildings recover 50% of their current health (not armour (does not affect destroyed buildings)) last 60 seconds.

HUD Elements!

Four new elements now appear on the HUD (GDI Example):

Sabotage HON - 0/5000

Sabotage Airstrip -24s

Sabotage Power Plant - 6100/7500

Chronowarp - 7200/10000

The first number indicates the current team funding, the second the total required. Times indicate the powerups status:

Yellow=Countdown to activation

Green=The powerup is active and how long it has remaining

Red = How long before the team can start funding it again

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Some of that does sound fun, Iron curtain sounds cool, Chronowarp would be way too OP. Sabotaging would annoy players and ruin the gameplay too much. However I would definitely like to see something powerful in the game which requires team donations, like perks as you've suggested and superior tanks.

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  • Moderator
Plants like a nuke.

That's an item, not team powerup.

I don't think that any of those powerups would be welcome in current game mode, unless developers used some wizardry to make them balanced. Also you stole ideas for Iron Curtain and Chrono-thing from Red Alert 2.

I would however like to see team-funding mechanic. Not necessarily used in current Command & Conquer game mode, but for other potential game modes. For example, I wish that one day we get game mode where team would need to pull resources together to build base and base defences. Also multiple harvesters and tiberium fields behaving like in RTS games (disappearing when harvested, spreading too far if not harvested).

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Hmm, I like the fact the topic starter took the time to write this down, but I am not sure if these suggestions work. I can't see the problem of not having access to the HON for 30 secs. for example. Of course the time is debatable, but only building which has really impact is the defense system. Why not bring back Ion storms? Or have something like this purchasable by teamcredits. Imagine you could shut down base defenses for two minutes on Field, would break the stalemat for sure!

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