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Falling out of an Orca animation?


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An odd experience so I wondered if anybody else has had this happen, unfortunately my Shadowplay was off due to compatibility of an old game I was playing in the week so I haven't been able to record it. Basically I was playing Eyes earlier, had an Orca, decided randomly to jump out of it and para-shoot, however my engineer played an animation which completely freaked me out as I didn't think it existed! He basically fell, took no fall damage and landed on his back. He then sat up slowly and grabbed onto his head as if he'd banged it on the floor and was knocked out. I was repeatedly pressing 'e' to jump back into the Orca which by this point had landed beside me but was unable to do anything until my character stood back up. Proper mad. Is this a thing?

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In UT3, ragdoll falling earns you even more damage than normal. Unless you ragdoll midair and it stopped the falling momentum abruptly

It's possible the parachute kicked in as I was repeatedly pressing the button. I didn't see it however. Not sure if fall damage was taken, probably not considering the height

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