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Never-ending Damage Over Time


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It could possibly be something specific with blue tiberium burn itself, which sounds like a rare anomaly if just a random glitch (like with invisible people when not SBH). I'm leaning towards just a rare glitch.

If we watch Joawro's vid, we see that Alfred Globel was the Mendoza who inflicted this upon Joawro's Officer. Now I'm not saying Alfred Globel cheated, but it's something you might want to take up with him if you suspect foul play; as a person who checks out ghost videos, photos, and audio I like to examine things from all possible perspectives. I'm guessing just a glitch, because yeah, it really does sound like this after reviewing what Bro stated.

What is replication? A glitch having to do with lag? If yes, maybe Joawro may want to post his ping data.

And Bro, what rocks shall I avoid on Whiteout during a match? I don't mind testing this out in offline skirmish, but if it's really a lag issue with a server then it may not occur.

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replication is a bitch, not a glitch.

If I find a way to replicate it, I'll damn sure try. I just know it has something to do with blue tiberium, and I think green used to do this but then it stopped (I think), so possibly differences between the two's damage if they aren't copy-paste should be explored, but if reproducable then I will try my best to discover and explain.

Field has only green, so this has to be possible with mendoza burn too.

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