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Finding a beacon without sound


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if someone "Q" tags the beacon there will be a message saying beacon is next to blah building ... or if someone "Q" spams a building thats pretty much were the beacon is (just keep an eye on the messages in the top left :))

Right, but if I'm the one looking for the beacon I'm pretty much boned, right?

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One of the things that i don't like about beacons is how far their sounds can be heard. This isn't necessarily bad but there's 2 disadvantages to this:

1) a person might hear the beacon near a building where it actually isn't placed, and spams radio commands that it is there,

2) the sound can be heard quite well from it's maximum hearing distance, but barely gets louder when you get closer, until you're really close to it. The fact that it's about as loud from multiple distances makes it really difficult to guess it's exact direction, making you run circles without finding it at all sometimes.

1) is tied together with 2) and isn't really an issue with the beacon itself, but would be fixed if 2) was worked on. I believe many more nukes would be found quicker if 2) would be reworked, possibly saving many buildings where they otherwise would've been destroyed.

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