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Make C4 disarm detection client-sided

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  • Totem Arts Staff

You guys all know the infamous C4 bug, where the placement of C4 in server and client is not synchronized.

I propose that the C4 disarm detection to be client-sided, so wherever the client sees the mines, regardless it's sync or not, they can be disarmed by firing into it

To make it easier to understand

1. Client sees mines

2. Client fires at mines

3. Client sends HP reduction order to server

4. Server reduces mines HP

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Proposed that few days ago.

Bad news is, the devs won't do that as it stresses the client server stuff and creates possibilities in client side exploits.

Good news, is next patch they may be throwing in a few more c4 location replicator checks to make quadruple sure the c4 is in the same place for everyone.

Let's hope quadruple is sure enough.

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Think the detonation location is calculated server side and sent to the client. The mines are never far off their location though. Far enough to not be where the disarm hitbox is, still relatively same placement.

You technically can disarm c4 if you feel around for where it really is located, but it is hard to have any idea if you are hitting it without sometimes 3 minutes of trial and error, not practical ingame unless you have some relative idea of where it is instead. Like if floating at a door, most likely what happened is it was thrown to the ground but the door was closing and caught the mine client side. Feeling around on the floor for the move with repair gun, usually in a straight line with the door since that is how they are thrown, you will notice you can find where you can disarm at.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Clientside hit-detection for repair guns is a no go. That's A LOT of calls that need replication since the repair gun has damn near no fire rate, and isn't just the same as every other weapon in that it's a projectile or instant-hit weapon. It has it's own code to work through.

However, this is a moot point. By next week (if I can get in touch with server owners), bugged C4 should be a thing of the past. Already tested it, and yes C4 still floats if you throw it on a closed door then open it, but it is still disarmable since it updates its location for everyone after awhile of being thrown. You'll actively see mines sort of 'jerk' a bit after half a second of sitting or so.

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