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Stank Lock on.


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I'm going to be blunt here: the Stank lock-on isn't that bad, but how the hell the rocket soldier change made it through is beyond me. I had said several times that the missile launcher change in the pre-patch mutator was overkill. Yes 0.5 second lock time was way too fast, but making it 6x that is outright EA balancing. Splitting the difference would be a decent decision.

The Stank lock-on is fine though, it hits tanks fine.

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I very much agree that a middle balance between 0.5 and 3 (if that's the current b5 setting).

For locking on you have to point the middle-dot on the vehicle itself, right? Not just the "area".

Does the lock-on timer get set to 0 as soon as you move away from the target, or does it start counting back (to 0)?

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Might actually build a visual for the lock-on... it's about time it was more than just the stock UT3 BS

SMNC uses a square (diamond? Or possibly square that rotates into a diamond?) that appears atop the target, starts large and shrinks until it beeps when it locks on.

You have the beep and lock on confirm, you just need the square shrink thing. Idk how you would probe how another game works for code as example, but SMNC is free to play. I am sure there is other resources to do it though.

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