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any active pugs, scrims or clanwars?


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generally, every saturday night there is the intention of making a PUG at 23:00 GMT+1 (Amsterdam/Berlin timezone)

Dunno what time it is in 'murica but Docterbong is organizing this mostly and he's 'murican. He got a server setup for this too.

1 thing to note is in order to participate, you have to be on TS3! No TS = no participation. Dont need to talk, but you are to be able to hear the orders and general banter :P

Dunno whats the status of tonight's PUG though. It mostly is a last-minute thing usually.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

It's a bit hard to get peeps together. Most people kept saying last week...

"What is PUG?" "What is teamspeak?" "What is this pickup games thing everyone was so hyped about?" "I don't have mic tho..."

Even after explanation, apathy gets the best of us all. Two weeks ago was kinda our mistake tho, since there's a miscommunication between us and B0NG about the exact time of the event (21:00, but we thought it was 23:00)

Personally I'd love to participate, but the hour was my bedtime

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Thank you for your interest. You can have ConstructiveTyranny or any of the other major server hosts like TMX or EKT host them for you, several people have offered before. It is just really hard to get people to understand which time to show up to which teamspeak server, even if we are gathering people 30 minutes in advance.

So, here is my suggested COA (Course-of-Action):

1) I used this site to make a countdown clock. http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/create

With it, I can make a clock that counts days, hours, minutes, and seconds, till the game, independent on timezones. Because telling people on the internet to show up at 2pm can mean 8pm or 10am depending on where they live.

Wala. This is a link for people to check. It is set to a recommended time. Saturday, at 1pm Yeehaw Time (Central US), as this is later in the evening for the European crowd. Any later, and they may be playing at midnight which some may be unable to.

http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/ge ... erif&csz=1

I use the "URL" forum post tool, to make a cool URL for it that is visible instead. As seen below.

Countdown Link: Saturday RenX Pickup Game

2) Post the Pickup Game announcement, such as the description, the above countdown timer, and the location to meet at (the Teamspeak information and channel of your choice, ts.constructivetyranny.com, ts.elitekamikazeteam.com, ts.thematrixren.net, careful cuz the last one is down frequently), in renegade-x.com/forums , http://www.thematrixren.net/ , http://constructivetyranny.com/ , and http://elitekamikazeteam.com/index.php .

3) Post it again the morning of, perhaps reply to the post 3hrs, 2hrs, and 1hr before. Sit in the teamspeak channel waiting on people 1 hour before.

4) Advertize via IRC or ingame in the full servers, reminding people there is a pickup game and to join teamspeak via [address], in case anyone playing has lost track of time. It gives them plenty of time to wrap up any game they are in.

5) About 2 minutes after the time has expired, give out the password to your prearranged server to your teamspeak. After they all join, choose 2 of the most talented players or whoever you feel like, to be "team commanders", and choose players 1 by 1. What I suggest, is whoever chooses first chooses last, so when the 1st commander chooses his first player, the 2nd commander chooses 2 players, and then each chooses 1 until all players are selected. Teams will be even this way unless an odd number of people.

6) Everyone "team changes" to get on their assigned team, as well as vote their commander in if you are running Yosh's mod. You do this every map, unless after a game or 2 you feel the teams aren't balanced, then you can shuffle based on score or something (trade the highest non-commander player on the winning team with the lowest score on the losing team).

7) Eventually, after 3-4 games, people will need to leave. If you can repopulate via IRC in other servers and telling/pming them the password then I won't stop you, but generally eventually people will start leaving and I wouldn't recommend playing with anything less than 8v8.

Read list, do each step, repeat next week. I was going to do all this this week since Beta5 came out, idk why I haven't done it yet but I will now. You can either take over the day of the Pickup game, or you can take over organization next week. Just take a moment out of Sunday to organize the locations to meet and server to play in, and take a moment Friday and Saturday to remind people from every community (some people don't read these forums or other forums, just THEIR forums, and some don't teamspeak regularly despite having a teamspeak. I know, what idiots right?).

Check across every forum now, I have made the official announcement on each. The original top-post countdown and teamspeak can be edited (by me but you can take over later if necessary), each week to show the new time for the next week, as well as the expected teamspeak to attend. The rest is up to the community to show up at the right-place-right-time, either on accident or by actually reading ;) .

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