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Mammoth Tank hidden in game files?


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So I was summoning some of the new tiberium sun vehicles, when I came across a file marked as "TS_VH_MammothMarkII.upk" within the game files. It's in the same folder as the other TS vehicles. I tried using the summon command during a skirmish match, but the vehicle wouldn't spawn-in. Using the UE viewer, I was able to check it out:


Anyone know how to get this thing to spawn-in game? Is it even usable for that matter? Troll by the devs perhaps? :P

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I think it would be way too big for this game. Maps would need to be bigger, and it should be easier for the thing to hit ground targets that are close to it.

A Nod campaign/co-op mission where you'd have to take the thing out would be cool.

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