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C4 lost on refill


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This happens sporadically on either team as a tech/hotwire on beta 4.

Plant all your C4, destroy a building, run back to base and refill. You no longer have any timed c4.

You can even purchase a new hotwire/tech and still will have no timed c4.

Only fix is to switch to another character, THEN repurchase hotwire/tech.

Another variation of this bug:

Purchase a smoke or emp grenade as a tech/hotwire, you lose your mines (not sure if this is intentional).

No amount of refilling, even after the deployment of the purchased grenade will ever bring your mines back until you switch to another character, then buy a new hotwire/tech.

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Grenades replace the c4 slot on regular classes, and the mines slot on hotwire and techs. The Emp nade replacing mines is intentional. It isn't, balance wise, such a big nerf to hotwire neither, there is nearly no reason to need them in tandem.

This includes regular classes and frag grenades replacing their single timed c4, as well as t1 engineers and frags replacing timed c4. Frag grenades also replace hotwire's proxy. You can confirm this by buying a Emp Nade, then looking at the top left corner of the purchase terminal screen. Your character's sidearm is a handgun, and the "emp nade" is where a fresh purchase would say "proxy mines".

No clue about the double timed c4 not refilling, that IS a bug of losing the weapon slot. It shouldn't get replaced ever, that is a permanently on slot for that character, and unlike regular single timed c4 classes, the proxy are the modified c4 slot of hotwires so timed c4 should never be changeable or removable.

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