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[B4.02]All sidearm weapons should have infinite ammo.

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Game Version: B4.02

Map: N/A

Severity: Moderate

Issue: Heavy Pistol, Carbine, Tiberium Fanchette Rifle, and Tiberium Auto Rifle have finite ammo when they should have infinite to match the silenced pistol and machine pistol.

Reproduction: N/A

Workaround: Purchase a refill in your base.

Suggested fix: Grant infinite ammo to all sidearm weapons.

Sidearms are supposed to be there so you always have a way to defend yourself.

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This is likely intentional as the purchasable sidearms are more powerful than free sidearms and the primary weapons issued to free infantry. When you buy a more powerful sidearm you are given an ammunition limit to compensate for your higher formidability aspect. It only makes sense that because they are higher tier weapons (sort of like higher tier character weapon primaries) you can only dish out so much damage before needing to get a lucky refill crate mid-field or returning to a terminal in your base; this is routine for higher tier characters who love their damage dishing primaries anyway.

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What's the point in buying a side arm if they would be less powerful than your regular weapon?

In my opinion, sidearms should be used when either:

1) Your main weapon is out of ammo

2) Your main weapon isn't fit for the current range/type of fight

Currently sidearms are preferred over lots of classes main weapons in all scenarios and I'm not really a fan of that

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I've always said I hated how sidearms worked. I like the idea, but the execution is just terrible IMO. They broke Engineers (I fear Hotties with carbines more than Havocs), give snipers even better CQC abilities, and WHY IS THE HEAVY PISTOL OUR ANTI-TANK?

Honestly sidearms have been needing a rework for the longest. Probably will poke at them and suggest that one thing I mentioned back in the day about splitting sidearms and secondary weapons. Like I said in that topic, I've never armed up and been given another rifle as a sidearm.

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  • Totem Arts Staff
Got any ideas for the side arms?

Rocket Launcher (the cheap one, not the gunner one), could be cool. It's a more logical/realistic anti-tank than the heavy pistol, and it's kind of shitty in CQB?

The M79 Grenade Launcher (single bullet GL) would do good as long as the grenade doesn't explode on your face.

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