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Randomly losing all in-game sound


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This has happened to me a few times now. I'll be in a server for a while, playing several maps. Then after a map finishes, I will occasionally (it's happened 3 times out of maybe 75 maps played) completely lose all in-game sound. I exit to the main menu and sound is working there. I re-join the server and sound is again missing. I have to restart the entire game to get sound back again in that server.

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I know that changes to your sound in Windows will make the game sound stop. It als happens when I hit my cable from my headphone. Only thing I can do is restart the game. Every other program will pick up the disconnect and reconnect, but Ren-X doesn't. I thought I was the only one having it.

Also happens when I remove the powercable out of a light in my room. Very odd, but then Ren-X sound also stops, but this is not game related...

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