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RenX UDK Crashes when it starts to load


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Hey all,

I had an issue which I have now fixed where whenever I started the RenX UDK after a little bit of it loading it would crash.

This was due to Windows 8 blocking .exe files from running (Smart Screen) when you download them from the internet...

If you have the same problem you will need to unblock every file that is inside the UDK folder, to do this simply:

  • Start PowerShell in Administrator Mode (Right Click -> Run as Admin)
  • CD to the directory of where you extracted the RenX UDK (for example i did: 'cd D:\Rx_SDK_March_22_2015')
  • Run the command: gci -Recurse | Unblock-File
  • The UDK should now start properly.

I hope this helps someone.

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Going to add the solution Aeibon posted for the fix on Windows 7. Also Topic has been stickied!

I've got a fix for you, just give me some time.

So I had the same problem. Yes, the SDK folder should be separate from the game folder. As for being stuck at "foliage" loading part, here is what worked for me.

Courtesy of Encrypt:

I have found a fix.

Step 1: Go to where you have placed the SDK files. Navigate to the 'Binaries' folder.

Step 2: Find 'UnrealEdCSharp.dll'

Step 3: Right click and go to Properties.

Step 4: At the bottom of the newly opened dialogue, it will say something about how it may be unsafe. Click the button to unblock it.

And voila, it works! You can now open the editor without any issues.

Thanks guys!

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