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Position available for a 3D artist?


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Hey all, this mod looks great and seems like a mod thats actually going to get completed unlike 99% of all other mods. So i'm wondering if theres a position available for a 3D modeller? I don't have many stuff to show as ive been out of modelling for awhile, so i want to join a good mod to get back into it. Heres my deviantart gallery so you can see some of my stuff



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QUOTE (Havoc89 @ Jul 20 2008, 02:33 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
It is not stolen. That video tutorial is the perfect tutorial to learn a different method of modeling. Just about everyone knows about it and I know enough people that followed it and made their own Bretta 9000s.[/b]

Yeah, I used it too which is why I recognized the pictures so quick.

Sorry if the accusation was unjust, I didn't mean to cause trouble, the picture is just identically posed to the original which sent up a red flag pretty quickly.

No hard feelings Cyph3r, right?
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