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Voice commands need an overhaul.


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Mostly to do with the binds. Right now voice commands are a hassle unless you have really long fingers. Holding ctrl + alt and doing a 6+ command is just painful to execute, especially during the heat of battle.

I would suggest to make the commands more like Tribes Ascend's VGA system. In any of the Tribes titles we had no problem using all of the voice commands and saying exactly what was needed when it was needed since nearly all of the binds were near our main control keys (I use ESDF personally).

I know this issue is really minor but I like all of the voice commands in this game and I think the biggest reason they're not utilized is because of the poor bind placement. I know it was exactly the same in the original renegade but this is an area that can be greatly improved.

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I agree with this suggestion. I liked the Renegade voice commands back in the day, but coming back to the game after all this time, it clearly shows that the hotkeys are outdated. The Tribes system is brilliant, IMO, and makes it very easy to implement MANY different (and useful) voice commands. It would be very convenient if we could have additional voice commands like "Defend the Weapons Factory!".

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Well this is news to me. Maybe its because im old skool but the Ctrl Alt 8 etc is pretty easy to do?

Plus why not just Hit Q on said building or vech or w.e. thats pretty dynamic.

Maybe they could make it so you double tap control to keep the radio screen up and scroll to change menu then double tap control to hide it again (but for the love of god lets us keep the old way as well)?

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I think some more Q-ing would be nice... but there should also be multiple option

I kinda want to propose a L4D style voice command for the Q button on certain objects (not all)

so Q would work on...

-Other players (Follow Me, Hold Position, Don't get in my way, Defend the Base, Move Out, Return to base etc.)

-Empty Vehicle (Get in the Vehicle)

-Occupied friendly Vehicle (Get in the vehicle (if there's slot), Get out of the vehicle, Don't get in my way, Move Out, Hold Position, Follow me, Defend the base, etc.)

-Enemy units - usual Q method

-Friendly Buildings - usual Q method

-Enemy buildings - (Destroy the X, Destroy it now)

Yeah, just my thought. It might hinders your camera though

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Could you explain the Tribes system? Never played.

Additional voice commands would be excellent. I do radio and voiceovers for a living and would be happy to lend my voice. I can even "radio-fy" them to make them sound close to the originals.

In Tribes it works like this: first you push the voice command button (usually v), which brings up a menu with general ideas like "attack (a)", "defend (b)" etc. You push what you want to do, and then a next menu will pop up for more specifics, such as again "defend!(d)" or "generator (g, or whatever)". So pressing "vdd" will just give you "Defend!" while "vdg" gives you "Defend the generator!" These menu's can go 3 or 4 tiers deep, giving a lot of different possible messages that you basically write out with the first letter of each word (in most cases). It's really easy to learn and very fast.

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