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1 defending Stealth Tank vs 3 advancing Mammoths


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6:35pm (-8 PST)

Field, 6.44 - 6.08, descending game time

TheMatrixRen.NET AOW



Late in a close match on Field, GDI senses they are at risk

of losing on points and makes an all-out, brazen effort by

rushing 3 Mammoth Tanks at the Obelisk. A total team effort

from the GDI trio, I move my Stealth Tank back to the base

chokepoint and work with my Obelisk to stop the threat.

This clip showcases the "Stealth Tank exploit." I'm not a

game dev but the physical boundary programming of the

Stealth Tank seems to be quite poor. The first Mammoth

Tank partially passes through me while I'm stationary,

before I begin to fire. As the fight continues, I try to put my

Stealth Tank in a spot that blocks/impedes the Mammoth

Tanks' movement toward the Obelisk.

No matter at which angle or direction or, importantly, who is

driving into whom, the Stealth Tank will not stop the physical

movement of a Mammoth. It will only be suducted.



(0:00) Frank Klepacki, "Hell March Remix", Red Alert 1 OST

**Rediscover more classic C&C music from Frank Klepacki

(as well as his other industry and recording artist material)

at http://www.frankklepacki.com/listen.html.**

[PLAYER IDS] (in present score order)



BioZ 4D







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Hey dude, I've seen your youtube vids and I like some.

The clips you make, you implement the soundtracks post-proces or are you playing them during game session?

Reason for asking, in a previous vid, the ren-x scenic end suddenly changed soundtrack to the tiberian dawn end track (when you win a level) leaving me to assume you play during playsession and somehow havea tracklist during play OR the music is part of post-processing of your videos.

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Yeah, unfortunately this sort of behavior has been around for a while and its honestly just dumb. I mean, no offense there, you did what you could to defend and all. Tanks win over better tanks by using their speed and the terrain against their enemies, not by slipping under or right through them.

This is a 2-sided problem as well. The 2 unfairness here, being able to harass a tank like a mammoth from under them and they can't do nothing about it, and being unable to block vehicles (which is a huge tactical thing) brings a lot of imbalance to this game.

Rushing is just kind of dumb dumb in tihs game is the real problem.

This getting fixed should be high priority, in my opinion. And maybe even add a few quriks to the vehicle game.

For starters, you should be able to fire your cannons if they are obstructed or just too close to a target. If vehicles blocking a flame tank or a mammoth couldn't harm each other, that would also make rushing less of a dumb thing.

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