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C&C on steam


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EA stopped putting their games on Steam because of Origin, no?

Regardless, this is already using Steam to a small extent. Steam integration seemed more a matter of doing the work than getting permission, though I'm sure they would (or did) ask first to be sure.

But this is a non-profit games which EA doesn't touch in any way and I don't see them just denying it on Steam as a completely free title.

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Before this is released on steam, the game needs to:

-Have it's remaining bugs ironed out

-Any balance issues sorted.

-a bit more content.

When this happens, a release on steam will do this mod well. Save some of the content as updates, this way it shows the mod is being actively updated.

A release on steam now would result in a BETA1>BETA 2 result. Dwindled player base.

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Which will be the next update.

And the game needs to get back its 64 player count as well.

Anyway, I agree that a Steam release should be only for the full release, basically. We're not out of the beta yet. But a Steam release would also serve at making this game a bit more popular, which is only great when the game is done.

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