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Map selection process. What is plan, and suggestion.


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I understand there are plans to change the way the next map is selected.....

What are they?

I was thinking this might be a useable concept. Say the map list is 12 long. Allow servers to choose how many must be played before allowing the full list to be available again.

For example, one server might say if you play 6 different maps then all 12 return to available for voting.

Another server might insist on all 12 be played - probably a Marathon server.

It will be interesting to see how the future works since the choices have been left up to the players in the past. I thought that would be best but the constant walls choice has shown me otherwise........

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Sadly, I liked MW3's rotation.

You vote for current map again for a maximum of 1 replay, or the next map which will be the next map if it fails to be voted, OR for a randomly chosen un-specific one. All map gets played. If really bad, you have to hate it so much to risk getting anything else, meaning whiteout can be skipped for goldrush or xmountain for lakeside.

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As I understand from previous posts about upcoming Beta 4 teasers, the voting system will work as following:

Server has a full list of maps, but only the top 5 are able to be voted on. To be in the top 5, those maps have not played on much.

So lets say Walls was last played, for the next map, walls is out of the voting options. Same as the recent maps before walls, up untill you reach the 5 maps that havent been played on for a while.

I heard the Devs are not realy keen on the idea of a set map-rotation yet, exclusing the voting system all together, but in the future it might be a marathon option.

Again, these are just rumors I've heard. So they are subject to be changed at any time with the good graces of the devs.

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