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Since I'm not only playing Renegade X as a casual online game, I'd like to know if there are any other casuals playing other online FPS games.

Most recently I discovered Heroes and Generals (Beta) through Steam. It's free, but as with all those games, you can pay to skip the grind. It's a WW2 FPS (playing as a Heroe) but also global tactical (Generals).

Essentially, the Generals control the troop movement on a global map, while the heroes control the actual troops (= the soldier fighting). The Generals order/move tank batalions and attack squads to an area and you can use their resources to actually win the fight.

I'm also playing War Thunder, an online free WW2 flight sim. This game is about piloting a WW2 aircrafts, either bombers bombing bases/vehicles or fighters to defend the bombers/killing vehicles. But most importantly, its again FREE. Well, you can pay for it to instantly buy upgrades, or grind for them.

Just wondering if others have similar games and are looking for joining a squad in those games.

Would be fun to add a tag, similar to a clan tag but essentially not being a clan (especially for those who do not want to or cannot commit time to a clan). Since we all know eachother from playing Renegade X, how about the [RenX] tag?

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Thanks for the tips i will check those games out.

I used to play and might play again: World of Tanks. It is a lot of slugfest type action, but sometimes even as an unpaying player i could score good and there is some teamwork at timess. The variety of tanks and other pieces play nicely to the differences inherent in the vehicles ie: heavy/light, armor/big gun etc.

And this is not fps... but i like to play HSX.com which is a free game where you trade stock in movies. Fun way to see what is coming down the road.

and then there is always Kdice ... ..

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