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idea. ability to place false crates


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just a thought. Crates are like magnets in some games. The ability to place a false or dummy crate might make for some fun.

Mario Kart: Tiberium Edition!

Buggy: Fastest vehicle. However, it is very vulnerable. Recommended for advanced players only.

Humvee: Good all around, with a balance of speed, armor and attack. Good for learning the game, but has a great potential.

Light tank: Leans toward heavily armored. Not as fast, but capable of taking out lighter vehicles.

Stealth Tank: Understandably hard to hit, but not very fast.

Medium Tank: Slower than most other vehicles, but has great armor. Good for advanced players.

Mammoth Tank: What kind of retard picks this?

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Is it just me or did the first two replies completely ignore what the OP is talking about? On-Topic: Well I do find the idea interesting I feel like death crates are enough making fake crates would be a bit overkill. I think fake crate would be fun to have but I think it will become overly used and make people stop picking crates up all together. I do on the other hand miss some of the forms of death crates that were in the original game like the visceroid crate.

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