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10 FPS and less


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intel core i5 430M, mobility radeon 5650

when I play CPU and GPU usage ~60%

never 100% so it is not the fault of the computer

I've checked the Game Debate website for Renegade X and looked up your specs, the following link contained the results:

http://www.game-debate.com/games/index. ... quirements

NOTE: I filled in your RAM to be 4GB, but if you have more that should be fine. Less could be a problem though.

Note that your GPU performs slightly less than the recommended, I'd say thats the issue when playing with higher population on the server.

I've read yesterday that by entering the game, going to settings and advanced grapic setting, page 3. Checking OFF "Static Decals" setting. This would improve your gameplay, as per viewtopic.php?f=13&t=74128

However, laptops aren't my choice for gaming in any case. But hope these tips helped!

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Clean your PC with CCleaner or Advanced SystemCare.

Defragment your harddrive.

Do a virus scan.

Disable useless programs running in the background.

Make sure you have the latest Windows updates.

Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers.

In ATI Catalyst set things to "performance" instead of "quality".

Turn off vsync, bloom, motion blur, lens flares and other useless filters.

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@Truxa I have 8GB RAM

IMHO it's not the problem in my computer or windows because 100% GPU usage only when I set up ultra settings

@Tactix all settings like "static decals" and other are OFF and everything are lowest and 8-16FPS

only when number of players<~12 I have ~30FPS and more when I am alone on the server

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