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A few issues with the settings in Beta 3


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The settings menu in Beta 3 its a huge improvment. But there are a few issues i noticed:

- In the input menu, you have the options to select the key for the nightvision. But there is no night vision in rengade x i realized.

- Instead there are a few keys missing:

1. you cant select a key for lock the vehicles. (Standart is L)

2. you cant select a key the radiograms. ( Standart is ALt and Strg.)

Also i noticed issues in the game options for the skirmish game.

- you can rise the push bar for the credits up to 2000. But when you start the skirmish, your startingscredits are still down.

- You can not choose the time limit 45 minutes.

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There are three ways to set your name:

1. In the launcher

2. It will automatically use your steam nickname when logged in

3. By console command i think it is 'setnick yournamehere'

yeah, thx. But what i want to say: I miss an option to chance your name in the option menu.

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When I first installed Beta3 and started it up to play, I got a pop-up window asking for a nickname. Maybe you didn't see it at the time or just closed it to add a nick on a later time?

O.k. Thats strange. I realy didn´t recognized this pop-up window.

I still think an option to change the playername in the settings would by a good adition. Cause a few players like to change their names after playing a few rounds. And don`t ask for the reasons :o:P;)

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